Postmister personal

Zoran Veljković, was born on 25.1.1977. in small province near Belgrade. He was born into ordinary family, with brilliant mind. But his life wasn’t meant to be like others. His above average intelligence found way to things much bigger then ordinary province life. At age of 14, this boy leaves his hometown and moves to Switzerland. There he got his first job as pizza delivery in one Italian restaurant. Fourteen-year-old Zoran had no idea that moment would be tipping point of his life! He continues to work for his Italian boss, but not just as pizza guy. Little by little, now young man, have entered the world of criminal and ,by time, became member of Italian mafia, where he made a lot of connections with bigger and smaller figures. First and biggest break into criminal work he did in just 19 years old, in crime world-wide known. Zoran was one of the 5 guys who stole 53 millions of franc. As he himself said “Once you have that much money in your hands, you will always try to reach it even more”. This saying has caused him a lot of trouble in his life. Moving between Spain and Serbia he had rough path. In 2014. He finally found peace and settled down in his hope place, in Serbia. Zoran had always had passion for mini football, and he found way to fulfill this love through sponsoring local team. While printing jerseys for this team, he came up with idea of brand which would go by as ,,PostMister,,.
Even now, he is convinced that 53 millions of problems is following him, since the day he stole 53 millions of franc in 1997. His dreams remains unchanged, but now, family comes before that dream, and because of them, Zoran is hoping never to return to ,,life behind the bars”